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Standard Features

White Lamborghini
  • EZ-GO Chassis
  • Gel Coated Fiberglass Body
  • Enlarged Golf Bag Well
  • Plush Foam Bench Seats
  • Side and Rear Reflectors
  • Marine Grade Leather
  • Sport Hubcaps
  • 3 Cubic Feet Storage/Cooler
  • Hardtop Canopy
  • Headlights
  • Wing and/or Spoiler
  • Standard Wheels and Tires
  • High Capacity Heavy Duty Batteries
  • 3.75 HP Motor with Charger
  • Choice of standard colors:
    Candy Apple Red, Corvette
    Yellow, Jet Black, British Racing
    Green, White Lightning.
Red Lamborghini by regular golf cart

2001 Price List

Starting Price

Option 1:

New ECI Supplied Golf Cart*
We will rebody a current-year EZ-GO chassis with your choice of standard body and features.

$ 8,500

Option 2:

Used ECI Supplied Golf Cart*
We will rebody a 1988-92 EZ-GO chassis with your choice of standard body and features.

$ 7,000

Option 3:

Customer Supplied Golf Cart**
We will rebody a customer supplied chassis with you choice of standard body and features. Customer is responsible for mechanical condition of cart.

$ 5,500

Option 4:

Fully Customized Golf Cart to Your Personal Specifications**
The sky is the limit!!! Your imagination and our fabrication skills will be at work here. We can duplicate or create "One-Off" designs to set YOU apart from the crowd.

$Priced Upon Request$

* Additional charges will apply for shipping, any luxury options and customizing as ordered.
** Additional charges will apply for shipping and customer requested repairs.

Body Styles

'88 Lamborghini

'55 Mercedes

512 Ferrari

'67 Cobra

'46 Ford

308 Ferrari

'53 Corvette

'50 Studebaker

'32 Ford Pick-Up

'65 Mustang




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